There are lots of ways to help the show if you’re so inclined…



You: Dan, I’m so grateful that you make this show. I want to make a donation, but aren’t you too proud to accept?

Me: Nope! You can make a one-time tip on Venmo or Facebook, or, if you really want to show some love, give an ongoing per-episode donation on Patreon…

shop at amazon

Or get Amazon to donate for you!  Just bookmark our Amazon link (right-click it to get the option) and use it whenever you want to shop at Amazon.  It won’t change a thing on your end, but Amazon will give me a percentage of every dollar you spend with them.  You get your stuff, and a podcast you like gets paid by somebody else! Win-win!



rate and review

“Wait,” you say. “I ain’t got no money, honey!” That’s weird that you talk like the Big Bopper, but you can still help the show in a big way for free just by rating it on iTunes or wherever you subscribe.  Adding a review, just a sentence or two, helps a lot.  iTunes bases their recommendations and hot-listing in large part on this.

You can also follow the show on Facebook and Twitter by using the buttons below. Shares and retweets are a big help too.  Thanks so much!


rate us on iTunes

Wait, you didn’t think this page was for support as in “technical support” did you?  What kind of tech support would you need?  Press play when you want to listen and stop when you need a break.  If you have questions, call 1-800-ARE YOU NUTS? YOU THINK I HAVE A BUDGET FOR A TECH SUPPORT STAFF AND A 1800 NUMBER??  Stop dialing! I was just joking! You’re so literal.